Chief Marketing Officer

Kristen Rumberger

Kristen Rumberger, Chief Marketing Officer, leads the sales and communications team, driving the strategy & execution of NowTox’s brand and PR Marketing campaigns.

She is responsible for all external communications, media relations strategy and execution, and strategic relationships across the company. Before assuming leadership of NowTox’s communications and marketing, she served as Director of PR for a boutique PR and Marketing agency for 8 years.

Her story

Kristen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida. With a knack for identifying trends and shaping powerful stories, she’s instrumental in helping clients realize their potential and reach relevant audiences through strategic and authentic campaigns that accelerate growth.

Kristen is a passionate believer in the product, the brand, and its potential. She said "I'm inspired by NowTox's continued innovation and commitment to its current and future clients, and see an abundant of opportunities ahead.”

“NowTox is at a unique growth moment , and I'm thrilled to be a part of such a visionary approach to delivering the highest quality of on-demand skincare aesthetics.”