Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Blackmon

Amanda Blackmon founded NowTox to offer clients an unparalleled aesthetic experience. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Amanda spent more than two decades, directing influential brands in fashion, real estate, architecture, and design.

Her experience and expertise helped her understand the needs of sophisticated clientele as well as the demands of a busy professional life.

Her story

Amanda has always had a heartfelt passion for the beauty industry and extraordinary customer service. So, combining the two passions was organic in the creation of NowTox. With long-time trusted partners, Amanda came up with the idea for NowTox -- a platform offering on-demand, high-quality aesthetics performed at home.

Amanda knew the next phase of beauty was at the intersection of technology and excellent customer service. She set out to build NowTox with a team of elite web developers, medical directors and legal compliance partners as the first and only on-demand medtech company focused on beauty aesthetics.

"NowTox focuses on what busy women and men really want: a personally tailored, convenient, high-quality, and luxurious aesthetic experience that makes them look good and feel good."